Competitive Dance Program

The Northampton School of Dance Competitive Program is unique in that it offers enrolled students the opportunity to compete in as little as one
dance discipline rather than a minimum number of dance disciplines (like many other studios require).  This can cut back on costs and also allows
the competitive student to dance with both recreational and competitive students if they so choose.  We feel that this creates a friendlier and more
open atmosphere rather than creating segregation between competitive and recreational dancers.  We offer competitive classes in jazz, ballet, tap,
acro and lyrical.  If a student is enrolled in one of these competitive classes they will compete in that discipline, rather than just dance recreationally.  
If a student is enrolled in one or more of these competitive classes than she/he is required to take a ballet class (competitive or recreational).  If a
student ONLY takes a competitive ballet class than that class fulfills this ballet class requirement and an additional ballet class is not necessary.  

Being a part of the dance competition and convention circuit is an important part in young dancer’s training. Dancers have the opportunity to learn
from some of the best choreographers and teachers in the dance industry and to continually be inspired by other dancers from the area.  The
Northampton School of Dance Team boasts numerous awards, high scores and special awards and takes pride in each and every routine.

Our Dance Team participates in three regional competitions each season in addition to attending optional conventions. These dance training
opportunities allow our dancers to better themselves through additional performance opportunities, judges’ critiques and class corrections.  More
importantly, a students participation on the Dance Team reinforces the importance of hard work, dedication, cooperation, discipline and self

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Recreational Dance Program

Northampton School of Dance’s Recreational Program offers students,
ages 2 ½  through adult, classes in various disciplines including ballet,
pointe, tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, modern, acro and Irish step. Dancers
are free to take all disciplines or create their own schedule and class
combinations. This program begins in September and ends in June,
culminating with our annual dance recital in June. Recreational dancers
have additional performance opportunities in the holiday show and
parades. We offer flexible scheduling options for all members of your