Northampton School of Dance
141 E Damon Road  |  northampton, ma 01060  |  413.582.7099  |  email: info@northamptondance.com
Monthly tuition is due in full by the first of every month.  If tuition is not paid
by this time a $15.00 late fee will be charged.  Late fees are STRICTLY
enforced.  A $25.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks.  Tuition is not
adjusted because of unattended lessons.  Tuition is non-refundable.  Please
make checks payable to the Northampton School of Dance or NSD.  You can
choose to pay a per class fee instead of the monthly tuition.  45-Minute and
hour long classes are $15 each and hour and a half long classes are $20 each.  
Pricing is based in a monthly, per class, per family basis.  If you have more than
one child, then the discount is applied per class, not per child. There is a yearly
registration fee of $20/family.

Required Credit Card Policy
A credit card will be required for all accounts at NSD. Payments can be made in
cash, by check or by another card at any time, but if payment is not made by
the due date the card on file will automatically be charged.  If payment is not
made and/or does not go through, dancers will not be able to
attend/participate in class until payment is made.

Drop Policy
Tuition is non-refundable. Students may opt to take another class to fulfill the
already paid tuition.

- Classes are arranged for students based on age and ability.  During the year,
students may be transferred to other classes if it is necessary and in the best
interest of the student. Many factors are considered in determining placement
of a student.  We place students into the next level based on ability, attitude,
consistency in work and physical and emotional readiness.  

All students enrolling in the Lil’ Tykes classes should be potty trained.
Ballet classes are recommended for all students, since jazz and tap is based
on understanding the steps and terms introduced through ballet.  Ballet classes
are mandatory for all Dance Team members.

NSD Dance Team placement is by audition and approval of the individual
instructor only.  

Class Dates
Classes will begin Tuesday, September 3.  NSD will be closed Thursday, October
31, November 27 – 30,  December 23 – January 1, February 17 – 22, April 20 –
25, and May 25 to coincide with school vacations.   Monday holidays are not
typically observed at NSD with the exception of Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Class Cancellation
Please call the studio line (413) 582-7099, during the winter months to
determine if classes have been cancelled. Class cancellations will be made by 3
pm. We will also send out emails notifying you of cancellation and post it on
our Facebook page. If the studio closes, dancers will be allowed to make up
their missed class(es) in a class of the same ability level.

No gum is allowed in the studio.  Please remove jewelry before dance class.  
Remove your street shoes before entering the dance studio, and always take
dance shoes off before going outside.  Dance shoes should not be worn outside
on concrete.

Pick up/Drop off
Parents must pick up students in the waiting room and NOT outside the

Class Attire         
Ballet/Pointe: Pink tights, any color leotard, pink canvas ballet slippers (or
pointe shoes), skirts or shorts are allowed, boys wear black tights/pants, white
t-shirts, white socks, white ballet slippers, and a dance belt.

Jazz/Lyrical/Modern/Turns & Leaps/Cheer & Dance: Tan tights, leotards,
spandex pants or shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, jazz shoes, foot undeez, or bare

Tap/Hip-Hop/Irish Step: Any comfortable attire that does not prohibit
movement, no jeans are allowed. For Tap: an Oxford-style (lace-up) tap shoe is

Acrobatics: Leotards with dance shorts or biketards, tank tops/tees, no jeans
are allowed,
bare feet.

Remember that there should be no loose clothing, hair should be
pulled back away from the face, and there is to be no jewelry worn
during any class.

Pick up/Drop off
Parents must pick up students in the waiting room and NOT outside the

Class Visitation
Parents and visitors are not allowed in the classroom with student to observe
class other than during the scheduled visitation weeks.  The presence of either
party is a distraction to the students during class.  The visitation weeks will be
held every other month and the dates will be as follows:  October 14 – 19,
December 9 – 14, February 10 – 15 and April 6 – 11.  It is important for
parents to see their child’s work, however please try not to distract your child
or the class.

Parents, legal guardians of minor students and adult students waive the right
to any legal action for any injury sustained on school property resulting from
normal dance activity or any other activity conducted by the students before,
during or after class time.   

Class Absence
Please call the studio if your child will be absent from class.  Makeup classes
are available.  Inquire with your instructor.

Photo Release
The school is hereby granted permissions to take photographs of the students
to use in brochures, web sites, posters, advertisements and other promotional
materials the school creates.  Permission is also hereby granted for the school
to copyright such photographs in its name.  If you have a problem with this,
please let us know.   

A recital will be held in June of 2020.  Participation in the recital is not required
but recommended.  To participate in the recital the student will have to
purchase a costume(s).  We will do our best to select acceptable costumes at
reasonable prices.  Costume prices typically range from $50 to $100 with
costumes at the higher end of the estimated cost scale usually being adult
sizes.  Most of the costumes require some type of “assembly” which consists of
a small amount of sewing (straps, buttons, etc…).  We will collect costume
deposits throughout the year before costumes are ordered.  The first $25 per
costume deposit will be due by September 30, the second $25 per costume
deposit will be due by November 30 and the balance (if any) will be due by
March 1.  If your child will not be participating in the recital, please let us know
by January 31.  There will be no refunds on costumes after they are ordered
and costumes must be paid in full before they are ordered.  There will also be a
Winter Concert in January of 2020 and NSD Dance Team members will be
participating in various competitions and performances throughout the year.

Lost and Found
Please write your child’s name in each shoe and dance item including bags,
jackets and sweatshirts. Lost and Found is
located in a bin in the blue room and items will be donated during Winter
Break and after the Recital in June.

Private Lessons and Studio Rental Fee
Private lessons must be approved by an NSD instructor and require a
$12/hour fee paid to NSD. It is up to the student and the instructor to
document studio rental time appropriately on the studio bulletin board.  
Length of Class
45 Minutes
1 Hour

75 Minutes

1 Hour, 30 Minutes
Number of Classes
Multiple Class Discount
Full Price
Subtract $5 from Total
Subtract $10 from Total
Subtract $20 from Total
Subtract $30 from Total
Subtract $50 from Total
All additional classes after 6 are FREE!
Monthly Price