Northampton School of Dance
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"My daughter, Phoebe, started dancing at 10--not so early in the dance world,
but Jen immediately saw her potential and fostered her perfectly.
caught up, and within a couple of years she was dancing almost every day at
NSD.  The studio was where she went to learn, grow, exercise, relax, have fun,
and feel good about herself-- a perfect counterpoint to the stress and drama of
"normal" teenage life.  And Jen was like her second mother, gauging her
moods, encouraging and gently pushing her, alerting me if she saw red flags,
celebrating her victories.  
Phoebe has since become a poised and graceful ballerina and lyrical and jazz
dancer, dancing en pointe and doing fouettes and leaps that I watch with
amazement.  She turns 18 in two weeks and was just admitted to her
first-choice college-- something I credit in large part to NSD and the person it's
helped turn her into.  The diversity of dance at this school, the talent and warmth
of the instructors, and the overall cozy, upbeat feel of the place... it has all been
perfect for Phoebe.  Dance was the highlight of her childhood. I will never forget
NSD and what it's done for her-- and for our whole family."  
"Our daughter is in her seventh year of dance
at NSD.
 The positive and welcoming atmosphere is
created by the dedicated, caring, experienced, and
very talented staff.  NSD is not only an amazing
dance school, but also a second home and family to
many students and their families.  I can't say enough
about how much we love NSD!  It has been a life
changing, character building, self esteem boosting
learning experience for our daughter."
"NSD owner, Jennifer Peterson, and her staff
have helped me to raise my daughter into the
wonderful young woman that she has
NSD shares so much more than dance
instruction with its students.  The environment at
this studio is incredible, truly a second home for
children.  Watching her dance and grow under
NSD's instruction brings tears to my eyes."  
"Our daughter has been dancing since she was two and we started at a studio
that was highly competitive and driven to win.  
At the time, it was what we knew
and it was fun...and then we moved away and came to MA and were faced with
finding a new "dance home". We definitely shopped around, searching for a studio
that would be challenging, that had a competition team, and that would get to
know and support her as an individual- not as a dollar sign or a "platinum dancer"!
When we found NSD and met Jen and the other teachers we knew that it was our
new dance home without a doubt. The care Jen and the instructors take, the
passion, love, commitment, dedication and individualized support for all the
dancers- you can't ask for more than that! OK, well add to that a great group of
dance parents who also get to know and support each other, and you have a
fantastic combination where everyone who wants to dance can find their place. We
love NSD and look forward to many more years of her growing, learning, pushing
herself, being mentored and coached and celebrating new skills and successes
with Jen and all the other wonderful instructors who give so much of who they are
to these dancers. We feel lucky to trust that she is truly in good hands and that we
have found friends among the other families."  
She does something she loves with people she loves.
As she has danced and grown up through the years,
NSD has helped her find direction, gain respect for
her body, poise, and the ability to try and know it is
alright to make a mistake and to try again. As she is
now 16 and working on finding her place in the world,
these and many other examples, modeled by her
teachers, she will carry throughout her life making her
a stronger more confident woman."